End of year school prank ideas

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Oct 26, 2008 at the end of a school day go into a class room and take evrything off the teachers desk and glue it upside down to the wall with super glue at night sneak into the school and take every desk, chair, book out of the class room and set it in the hallway. fill a room entirely with fake smoke, bubbles, or ballons.Apr 23, 2005 Crickets, loads and loads of crickets released in the hallways. My junior year of high school, this was one of the pranks the senior class did (the other notable one was covering a small hillside on campus with plastic forks. ). end of year school prank ideas

End of the year school pranks are a great way to unwind and have fun on the last day of school. Some ideas for pranks are to start a food fight, to write something funny on the board, to dress in a costume, to have everyone cough at the same time during class, using water balloons, or to write fake love letters.

Jun 04, 2013 Help me pull a good end of the year prank at school: )? so me and my best friend wanted to pull a good prank, for the end of the year something harmless but very practical something for everyone to see and notice, : ) help me please, something simple but very cool thanks During the second half of every high school student's senior year, attention pivots to literally anything but schoolwork. Summer plans are imagined, graduation caps are purchased, and other funend of year school prank ideas Last year when I was in seventh grade, the eighth graders decided to pull a prank on one of their teachers. It was during Finals week, and basically this one kid had this blow horn that sounded pretty similar to the bell. So after an hour, (the class was an hour and thirty minutes) everyone was doing their work and being quiet.

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We, at my school, are just planning our end of year pranks and would love for any ideas, suggestions or stories about future plans or past endevours. end of year school prank ideas End of School Prank Ideas Get 50 cans of shaving foam, freeze them, cut them open then place the frozen blocks of shaving foam in random places in the classroom. Watch in joy as the room is filled up with shaving foam as the blocks defrost and expand. Back in high school our rival cemented a toilet to our Senior Steps. We got them back by having more funding, a higher GPA, and a better sports program. I do think the toilet prank would be fun at any school or university. Senior Prank Idea 1: Toilet Paper Your School Prank. One of the easiest and most obvious pranks is going to be to toilet paper your entire school. What makes this prank epic is the intensity in which you toilet paper the school. While youre unlikely to get in trouble for this, if you take it too far, you could get in trouble for vandalism. Right I'm in year 12 but the year 13s this year at our school want to pull a really memorable school prank, and have no ideas. Our school is quite old so there can be nothing which would damage property or be irreversible.

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