Boyfriend christmas gift ideas yahoo

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Nov 04, 2008  Guys are hard to buy gifts for lol. Could get him a new wallet, guys tend to keep thier wallets for a loooong time. Perhaps a nice big box of hisDec 03, 2008 A romantic dinner or getaway is certainly a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend that will win you extra points. It's true that many men give these type of gifts to their girlfriends, but there's no rule that says it can't work the other way around. boyfriend christmas gift ideas yahoo

Nov 22, 2010 Many girls try to find Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend as the holidays approach. What's most important when trying to find a gift is to know what the person likes or enjoys that they don't already have plenty of.

Gift ideas for your boyfriend Cosmo has asked real men what box they want to open this Christmas so you can purchase the perfect present for your boyfriend Nov 22, 2008 This year will be my second christmas with my boyfriend and I have no idea what to get him. Im in college now so I'm kinda on a budget. I was wondering if anyone had any inexpensive gift ideas.boyfriend christmas gift ideas yahoo Dec 08, 2009 i have no idea what to get my boyfriend for christmas PLEASE HELP! he likes: hackey sack skateboarding smokin eating ahaha i wanna do something fun for him and i wanna get him a gift, he 16 i wanna spend around 20 40 any ideas for gifts i can buy and things i can do hed like for christmas!

Boyfriend christmas gift ideas yahoo free

Dec 08, 2008 Best Answer: Hour long massage. . by you. Look up how to videos on youtube. I did this for my boyfriend last year and he LOVED it. The only downfall is he'll ask for them all the time. haha. All you have to do is dim the lights some set up an area for him to lay on put on some relaxing music (keep it boyfriend christmas gift ideas yahoo Nov 24, 2008 I need hep with some Christmas Gifts for my boyfriend. Dont say get what he likes he likes everything! Please help we are both 23! 10 pts best answer. Update: I bought him a Bulova Back mother of pearl watch with 33 diamonds on it, gps, lcd 36 tv already. Dec 03, 2008 When Christmas is here, I will be with my boyfriend about 6 weeks. I needed some gift ideas for such a new relationship guys and girls opinions wanted! serious answers please Oct 21, 2009 If you are looking for a creative Christmas gift idea, why not consider getting a personalized Jigsaw Puzzle made from your own photo. This makes a very personal and thoughtful gift that all ages can enjoy from kids to grandparents. Dec 02, 2007 My husband is really into video games, so for our first Christmas, I gave him a few video games. I've also bought him things like a ring with my name engraved on it, a cell phone, and clothes (hoodies and sports jerseys).

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