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Some big first dance hits Lilly has been privy to include New York, New York by Frank Sinatra at a wedding in Brooklyn and Sweet Home Alabama at a wedding on a southern plantation. But it doesnt necessarily have to be a song about a location; it can be a song thats special to your hometown.The couple's first dance was to song called Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars, a Brazilian song that the guitarist played. A friend who is a disc jockey at a Los Angeles club played dance music and the couple's friends took turns spinning tunes. first dance at wedding ideas

Jan 08, 2015  For their first dance at their seaside wedding in Darien, Connecticut, Josie and Jack chose Van Morrison's classic song Crazy Love ; afterwards everyone flooded the dance floor to

From your first dance as newlyweds right up until the last person has left the dancefloor youll want everyone up and dancing and having a great time at your wedding reception. The first dance song is a romantic intimate moment that the couple shares with everyone around them. When picking wedding music, it is essential that you pick a song that is meaningful to both newlyweds. Weve prepared a handy guide on how to define your firstfirst dance at wedding ideas Unusual Wedding First Dance Ideas Unusual Wedding First Dance Ideas Whether you plan on waltzing, twostepping, or simply winging it, here are some tunes that go beyond the traditional.

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