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In Pelican Rapids, PartnerShip 4 Health brought together St. Leonards Parish in the Latino community, the University of Minnesota Extension and Sanford Health to offer I Can Prevent Diabetes one name Minnesota uses for the NDPP.PROGRAM IDEAS Compiled by Recreation and Leisure Studies Students Gordon College (Suggestion: Is there someone in your community who is starting this as a new business? Great way for them to get exposure) Children community wellness programs ideas

Your Wellness Program Ideas If you are considering developing a program think of these wellness program ideas as a starting point. Pick one and work on that, start small and measure the engagement, adoption, feedback and value to employees.

Senior living communities (Assisted Living, Residential Living, or a Continuing Care Retirement Community) should design and implement meaningful wellness programs with their residents physical, intellectual and spiritual needs in mind. Community Wellness Community Outreach! CWP shall not discriminate against anyone with regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or wellness programs ideas Fund (with other community organizations) a health career scholarship program with an obligation to return to the community for service for a specified period of time. Consider Rural Health Outreach Grants, Network Development Grants, and Network Planning grants to address a number of ideas for both the community but also a regional network to address common issues.

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The wellness fair was a great way to learn about health services in the area, and the body composition test really opened my eyes and motivated me to start taking more care of myself. Have you worked for a company that has great wellness programs? Do you have great ideas about health and wellness? Share them in the comment below! community wellness programs ideas 81. Provide flu shots at the worksite or make schedules of community clinics available. 82. Provide oneonone counseling for highrisk employees and people with disabilities by establishing wellness mentoring programs. 83. Develop a brainstorming team for ideas and to help with wellness A communitybased wellness program is important because communitylevel changes are more sustainable, impact infrastructure and aid in shifting social norms. Developing a community conducive for health and wellness improves the quality of life of the population, the economic standing of the community, the social cohesion, and community pride.

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