Hanging curtains ideas

2019-12-10 04:31

Generally, hanging curtain brackets on the wall above and outside the window molding looks best; it allows fabric to fall gracefully. If you have detailed window frames you dont want to cover, an inside mount (hanging curtains within the frame, as you would with a tension rod) can work.Curtains complete a room. They help control the light, lend privacy and warmth, affirm your style, and add texture and color. Maximize their benefits with these guidelines and make your window treatments the most they can be. hanging curtains ideas

What others are saying Curtain Tips She has a saying when hanging curtains, High and Wide. And she was able to hang her curtains above the window and out from the side of the windows.

For floorlength curtains, measure from the top of the rod to the floor; subtract as needed to allow for hanging hardware. Add 6 to 8 if you want the curtains to pool on the floor. How to Hang Curtains. Creating a beautiful window treatment starts with choosing the look you'd like for the room. First consider the length of the curtain, then which type ofhanging curtains ideas

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