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One type of traditional mooncake is filled with lotus seed paste. Roughly the size of a human palm, these mooncakes are quite filling, meant to be cut diagonally in quarters and passed around. This explains their rather steep price.Sep 03, 2016 Making mooncake at home is a lot cheaper and fun too. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to make something from scratch. Print& Save Recipe: moon cake ideas

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Mooncake recipe is a traditional Chinese dessert, usually eaten during the MidAutumn Festival. Mooncake recipe: Preparing The Dough. 1. To prepare the Chinese moon Two the Moon 2nd Birthday Party Two the Moon 2nd Birthday Party Details: This is what Kristal shared about styling the partyOur daughter Arden Rose was absolutely obsessed with the moon, so choosing her 2nd birthday party theme was easy Two the Moon!moon cake ideas Moon Cake Mold, Kitchen Tools, Kitchen Gadgets, Chinese Cuisine, Japanese Sweets, Mooncake, Mid Autumn Festival, Vacheron Constantin, Indian Food Recipes Find this Pin and more on Food and drink by vefat mohsen.

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Sep 27, 2015  The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Mooncake () This recipe shows you how to create traditional Cantonese mooncakes from scratch without purchasing golden syrup or kansui. In this recipe, you get a delicious black sesame filling, a dough that has a good mouthfeel and keeps its shape, and thorough stepbystep pictures of the moon cake ideas Moon Cake. By Woman's Day Kitchen. Oct 2, 2010 Jonny ValiantWoman's Day. This bewitching dessert entrances with a dazzling dark blue sky and fun fondant characters, which conceal a delicious Dec 14, 2017  Assemble your mooncake. Each mooncake consists of a ball of dough, one ball of lotus or red bean paste, and one half of a salted egg yolk. Make a hole in a ball of lotus or bean paste, and put the egg yolk inside. Make the lotus or red bean paste into a At the Chongqing Mooncake festival, the centrepiece is a 300kg monster. They have even appeared in nonedible form. Gold shops sell solid discs styled to resemble the pastries. 1 miniature (50 gram) mooncake mold. First, make the mooncake filling. If youre using dried lotus seeds, soak them in plenty of water for at least 6 to 8 hours, or overnight. The seeds should soften and plump up considerably.

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